Push manufacturing

Push manufacturing is a process when plastic and wooden bodies are fitted with synthetic or natural fibers. Toothbrushes, brooms, brushes, etc. are made this way.

Pushing process

  1. holes are drilled into a wooden or plastic body
  2. volume of fibers is bent into half, and with the help of a wire it is pushed into the hole
  3. whole finished body is trimmed according to the visible length of fibers

everything is proceeded by machines and at high speed

technological park

  • 7 automatic centers Boucherie (manufacture of brushes, brooms, vessel brushes, toothbrushes)

  • 7 machines Borghi (manufacture of brushes, brooms, tufts, toilet brushes, bath brushes)

  • 7 pushing machines Zahoransky (production of vessel brushes, toothbrushes, hand brushes, a machine for packaging into blister with a backing sheet)

  • 3 packing and shrink ovens BECK